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Our Doctors

Healing at Sanjeevanam is a multi-dimensional approach, with our trained professional
drawing from a range of alternative healing practices with Ayurveda at the core of the experience.

Dr Anil V Kaimal

Chief Physician & Medical Superintendent

Dr. Anil V. Kaimal is the chief Ayurveda physician at Sanjeevanam Ayurveda Hospital. He holds degrees in BAMS and MD (AY) and has over 25 years of experience in various disciplines of Ayurveda. He hails from a renowned Ayurveda family and has worked with many deemed Ayurveda hospitals across Kerala. He has been an active participant and an organizer of various seminars at National and International levels. He is registered with the Travancore Cochin Medical Council of Indigenous Medicine 'A' Class.

Dr. R. S. Hridhya

BAMS, MS (Ay), PGD(Yoga)
Senior Medical Officer

Dr. R. S. Hridhya MS (Ay) holds a Master’s Degree in Ayurvedic Gynecology (Prasoothi Evum Sthreeroga) with an experience of 11 plus years, trained in performing Ayurvedic gynecological practices including Ante natal, Post Natal and Sub fertility Management and also holds a PG diploma in Yoga.

Dr Anne Mathew

Dept of Yoga and Naturopathy diet

Dr Anne Mathew holds a Bachelor’s degree in Naturopathy and Yogic Science with an experience of 3 years specialized in providing diet therapy and yoga therapy for various aliments

Dr R Rahul Unnithan

Senior Medical Officer

Dr. R. Rahul Unnithan MD (Ay) holds a Master’s Degree in Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics (Bhaishajya Kalpana). With an experience of 6 years, he has been trained in medicine identification, quality checking of raw and manufactured ayurvedic medicines, preparation and its effective dose fixation.

Dr Aiswarya Jayaram

Senior Medical Officer

Dr. Aiswarya Jayaram MD (Ay) holds a Master’s Degree in Ayurvedic Pathology (Roganidana) with an experience of 7 years trained in performing Ayurvedic way of assessment of disease, diagnosis and documentation.

Dr Neethu Sen K

Head of Operations

9 years of clinical experience (Consultation, Treatment, Research and Drug designing) Expertise in treating Degenerative cases and Auto Immune Disorders

Dr Subha Ravi

BNYS, Msc Dietetics
Yoga & Diet Consultant

15 years of Clinical Experience Specialized in providing exercise therapy for various ailments and stress management

Dr S R Yazhini

Manager - Medical

9 years of clinical experience Areas of Specialization: Gynecological disorders and Skin diseases

Dr Siva Shankar

BAMS, MSc (Psychology)
Senior Medical Officer

5 years of Clinical experience Specialized in Nadipareeksha, Expertise in treating complaints of Bone and Joints, Gastro-intestinal complaints and Respiratory system disorders

Dr Maheshwaran P S

BAMS, Msc (Psychology)
Medical officer

8 years of experience Specialization in Arthritis, Spondylitis and Digestive Disorders


Sanjeevanam has been envisioned and developed by AVA group , an illustrious Ayurvedic group, world famous for the Ayurvedic soap "Medimix". The AVA Group is a diversified conglomerate with interests in Personal care , Health Care, Natural Food, Natural cosmetics and Entertainment. Read more