Guest Quotes

Ms. Priya Varrier, Thrissur


"Had a relaxing and rejuvenating time here. It was a weekend well spend. Keep up the great work."

Mr. Alex Jacob, Kochi


“Came in for the treatment of the nerves in the leg and got treatment bringing down the sugar and uric acid levels. Very comfortable, The very cheerful group of doctors and nurses. The rooms were kept clean and provided with all the requirements It is a well-planned program, that is wonderful itself. Planning to return next year to continue the treatment.”

Mrs. Mary Cerly Wilson, Kochi


70% of my health problems are solved with new treatment plan by Dr.Anil. Enjoyed my treatment and stay with Sanjeeevanam. Calm atmosphere with clean & hygienic rooms. Really comfortable with therapy staffs and also the doctors were really caring. Also appreciate restaurant staffs for the room service. Everything is good and fine. I really had a good experience. Definitely, I will come again to stay with Sanjeevanam, to experience the treatment, and also to have the delicious food (Especially green gram)

Mr. K P Dandapani, Kochi


Nothing particular to suggest Am fully satisfied i was looked after well by the doctors and staffs.

Mrs.Sumathi Dandapani, Kochi


Really content with the treatment and hospitality from the doctors and as well as staffs, No suggestions as we are not well versed in this area.

Mr Mohammed Shafiudin, Kochi


“Sanjeevanam Treatment program helped me improve quality of life. I was very much active during day time which helped me change my habit of sleeping during day. Staffs were excellent, cooperative and well- mannered. Doctors and therapists were excellent too. May be more food options could be given is the only suggestion from my side.”

Mr Mohammed Zober, A.P


“I used to have migraine in every Monday for many years. Since the start of this treatment 2 weeks ago, I haven’t had an issue of migraine till now. Staffs are well-mannered and cooperative. Doctors too are polite and supportive. Hk staffs were punctual and had a professional behavior. I liked the attitude of restaurant staffs too. I am planning to bring my younger brother as well for the stay next time.”

Mr Ishan Goyal, Kochi


“The treatment was very good and I feel a good relief from my issues. All doctors and staffs were excellent. They were very sincere to their works. I extend my sincere thanks to Dr. Anil, Dr. Aiswarya and Dr. Hridhya from bottom of my heart. Our stay was very comfortable. We will definitely come again.”

Mr Georgekutyy Manuel, Kochi


“I think most of the health objectives are achieved. Considerable weight deduction happened to me. Regarding the gastric issue right now I am comfortable, anyway now I am very confident about by body health. The hospitality of this institution is commendable. From top to bottom, all are always pleasing and supportive. My 18 days stay was a homely feeling. The staffs including doctors are very pleasing and supportive. Even we don’t get such a hospitality in 5-star hotel. The cleanness and hygienic is the another attraction. We feel a hospital atmosphere only in treatment rooms. All other areas are having a star hotel cleanness and hygiene. I haven’t used 80% of the facilities available here even then I am very much happy with everything. Definitely I will utilize this facility for improving my health condition. Special thanks to Dr Rahul and his team to give such a confidence and health consciousness to me. The behavior of treatments room staffs are excellent with their attitude and experience.”

Ms Sujatha S Menon, Kochi


“I had a relaxed experience. The treatment helped me reduce my knee pain and all joint pains. I will definitely recommend others. Stay was perfect with pleasant staff in all areas. The facilities provided were remarkable. I could not find any fault to comment. Very clean with no compromise to hygiene. Housekeeping was simply superb.” All cheerful. Dr Hridya & Dr Aiswarya services were outstanding. The overall ambience is superb, not to miss the food served at the restaurant. It was a wonderful experience with Dr Hridya. Very rarely we see a doctor with a personal touch and caring for the patients. The services of the therapist were too remarkable.”

Ms Parvathy Menon, Kochi


“Most of my health objectives yes!. But the part from Kashaya vasti troubles me. Otherwise I was able to reduce 4kg. Thanks to the doctors, therapists and others. Absolutely pleasant with clean services. Enjoyed the stay.The hall ways, room services were all done extremely well.The place is equal to resort stay. There is no hospital feel. Thanks to the spectacular amenities Coming next year. See you soon Sanjeevanam.”

Mrs Vijayalakshmi, Kochi


“I think most of my health objectives are fulfilled. Leaving more energized. I would say the stay was comfortable. A feel good factor, great ambience. Impressed with the cleanness. Attention to detail is great. If required so will stay again.”

Mr Bhavesh Ahuja, Mumbai


“Sanjeevanam have qualified doctors who guides through properly for any intensive issues. I am already seeing result through my journey. My First ever experience in Ayurveda. So I cannot compare really, but must say I have enjoyed my stay very much. Rooms are very clean and lovingly furnished, Nice ambience, also the view and the stay is quite peaceful & refreshing.”

Mr Prateep Chandrasekhar, Kochi


“My aim was to lose weight. At the hospital I have managed lose 5 kg in approximately 3 weeks. Also the program has set a path and structure for me to follow. The staff at all levels & across departments are committed & helpful. There is an overall “positive” vibe in the facility. The housekeeping was exceptional. Perhaps, a notch better than some “pure” hotels. You are a good combination of a hospital and a hotel. Your ability to combine both of them to a remarkable degree and not compromise on quality and care is your USP. You score high points in almost all areas. ”

Ms Sarika Surytale, Pune


“It was a wonderful; experience here at sanjeevanam. Dr Hridhya Mam scheduled 15 days treatments period. In this whole treatment time feel refresh and stress free. All the doctors are very well experienced and friendly in nature. The peoples at Sanjeevanam are very well professionals. All of them with smiling face. Sincere at there work.Patients even if they are undergoing treatment they don’t feel like they are undergoing any treatment. In this pandemic they maintained well hygienic rooms, treatments rooms and hospital. My treatment is going on now hope so after completing this 15 days treatment, I will have a healthy & stress free life. Looking forward to visit again to stay healthy.”

Mr Prajna Datta


“The first step of the treatment has given good results with a considerable decrease in pain. It was an easy homely stay at Sanjeevanam interacting with the doctors and the young girls was very joyful. The food and environment is excellent with very courtious staff both in the kitchen and Housekeeping. Definitely will be back for further treatment.”

Ms Roselind, Kochi


“The way the senior professionals finding out the provable root cause of the disease and providing the proper treatment for the same is really admirable with slow and steady process to bring the improved health conditions. Of course each and every aspects of the treatment as well as the personalised attention bestowed by Dr. Anil V kaimal, Dr. Aiswarya, Dr. Mariyam and other professionals too made our stay in this hospital really joyful. All are given the best contribution to satisfy the patient. The stay is very comfortable and pleasant, the rooms, washroom and the cafeteria are too hygienic and made even more comfortable with the excellent services of the doctors, nurses, female therapist etc. The catering team is so nice by serving the healthy food in a pleasant manner with humbleness ”

Mr Suhail, Dubai


I was able to overcome a few of my obstacles both mental & physical. The Sanjeevanam stay was very spiritual experience & very comfortable & excellent. Most surely I could like to come along with a best of my friends/ family who would benefit from the treatment. Everything was done thank you all.

Mr Jibin Joseph, Kottayam


“I really liked all the doctors, staff and all other employees. All were extremely friendly and helpful. I must say that your doctors and employees are your great strength ”

Mr Abhinav & Mr Arun Kumar, Kochi


“The treatment programs were really refreshing and calming. We were looking for a mind & body reset. We were able to fulfil the objectives through your programs.The Doctors and the staffs were really friendly and were just a call away. The stay at the Sanjeevanam felt like home.The stay and environment were really clean and hygienic. The food & snacks is really refreshing and hygienic. We would stay with Sanjeevanam again.”

Mr Jose Mathew, Kochi


“Special thanks to Dr Anil & team. Its almost like a resort stay with excellent food & care. The entire environment is maintained clean and hygienic. Special Thanks to Mr Unnikrishnan & team. Definitely we will also recommend Sanjeevanam to our friends and relatives.We compliment Sanjeevanam to have such a good, courteous and committed team.”

Mr Shameer Aziz, Kochi


“The doctors and staffs are splendid they really gave a personal touch to everything The food for diet was really good. Several dishes were tasty.”

Mrs Leelavathy, Kochi


“Really rejuvenating and refreshing. Calm and quite ambience.Very peaceful enjoyed the stay very much”

Ms Sony Gabriel, Kochi


“I checked in a couple of weeks ago. I feel a lot better now and I know that I am on the path of recovery. It does not feel like a typical hospital. The rooms are clean and the entire place is clean and hygiene”

Mr Rajan Chellappa, Thrissur


“The Stay at Sanjeevanam was very joyful. Your hygiene was very nice”

Mr Mario Viskovic, Croatia


All Treatments are very nice. Very joyful a place to relax your body and mind. All was perfect.

Mr Ronald Pumpf, Germany


Ankle pain is gone. Fantastic food. Very friendly and caring team clinical team, housekeeping & kitchen.

Ms Karina Matevosian, Russia


The room is very comfortable. The staff is very friendly. The cleaning service is perfect. Next time I hope to come for longer period.

Mr Saeed Ahammed, Oman


Very joyful and pleasant. Very comfortable and clean environment. Definitely we will stay again.Very friendly doctors, staff. Special thanks to all.

Mr Praful Sujani, UK


Staffs are very good. Excellent environment. Neat, clean and hygienic. We are very happy with our stay.

Ms Mischa Joslin, UK


Helped to reduce stress and aid relaxation. Comfortable & joyful stay. Very neat & clean.

Mr Sidhartha Kaushal, Dubai


Excellent service. Very professional. we will definitely stay again.

Mr Jayaprakash, Palakkad


The ambience gives us relaxation. The doctors are the best. All staffs are very friendly.

Mr Praveen Kumar, Chennai


The rooms were very comfortable with a fantastic view.Thanks to the whole team of doctors and the staffs.

Mr Michael Mcinerney, Ireland


Very peaceful & friendly environment. Felt very much at home here. All the staff from doctors & nurses to massage therapists work very hard and long hours to provide good treatments to the patients. Special thanks for the massage. Cleaning staff did good job with the rooms & catered to my needs. The Waiters & the Cook prepared & served excellent food.

Ms Gladys Saldanha, Kochi, Kerala


Sure I will stay here again. Best Treatments. Very comfortable & clean. Thank You.

Dr Tuman Krishnan, Trivandrum, Kerala


We had experienced 10 days wellness program at sanjeevanam which has been very joyful and they have shown great hospitality. We look forward for another wellness session with you in the near future.

Mr Malayarasan, Malaysia


Staffs are very friendly and cooperative with great hospitality, I wish to visit again if my health continues to grow better.

Mrs Meera Thomas, Kochi


“Very much satisfied with the treatments tailor made based on my needs. Absolutely loved even the tiny details you have taken care of to make sure that the guest stay happy and fit. I would recommend sanjeevanam to my family and friends. ”

Mr Anand Chaytoo, South Africa


The facility seems to be very hygiene and neat. I will definitely try to come again for my next trip.

Mrs Haritha Gupta, Kochi


“My Shoulder feel better already and staffs/ doctor in Sanjeevanam are very much supportive.”

Ms Renu Dayal, Thailand


Sanjeevanam has got excellent doctors, therapist and staffs with high level of immunes in caring. And yes, in-house hygiene level cannot be compared to any other facility, that i have visited till date, it should be termed as ‘Excellent’.

Mr Dadi Sanyasi, Hyderabad


Healthy food with smiling staffs and doctors. I always felt like a home not a hospital. It has got 100% clean, hygiene and healthy environment.

Mr Nakul Romelal, Kochi


Doctors and staffs are completely dedicated for the wellbeing of the guests, I would highly recommend that motivational boosting for the guest is a must so that if done so there the output of the results for any guest will be remarkable and great success too. It was my pleasure to be a part of Sanjeevanam.

Mrs Vijaya Lakshmi, Kochi


Good ambiances, nice environment and beautiful view with clean surroundings along with good care. Treatment rooms and every place is well maintained and perfectly sanitized. It was a please staying here at Sanjeevanam.

Ms A Rajeswari, Kochi


“Highly helpful and I feel light now. Almost cured all my problems.Excellent treatment and very good care given by all, Special thanks to the doctors team and kudos to lovely therapists. I 100% wish to come here again every year to rejuvenate myself and spend some time in this peaceful environment.”

Mrs Soumya S Nair, Kochi


“Treatments are very helpful. All doctors and staffs are friendly; I feel much relaxed after all therapies. I had an excellent and comfortable stay with very clean and tidy environment.Can’t wait to come here again.”

Ms Betsy Baby, Kochi


The ambience of this place is exquisite. Attitude of staff starting from the junior level to the administration is impressive. This place is very clean, hygenic and safer place to visit during the time of Covid-19. I would recommend all my family, friends and patients to Sanjeevanam.

Ms Dharsana Vijayan, Kochi


Really loved the way the entire team is caring us, Sanjeevanam has neat facilities, treatment rooms are very hygenic and the way team maintains is commentable.

Mr Haridasan, Kochi


Excellent doctors and outstanding treatments, a right place for wellness treatment. Environment is super hygenic, especially the guest relations team and house keeping staffs.

Mrs Anu K Nirmal


I am very happy of an overall improvement in my health. Thanks to Dr. Anil and team. My back pain has reduced a lot and a special appreciation to all the therapist who cared and supported me. I would like to convey my big regards to whole Sanjeevanam team, I had a wonderful experience.

Mr George M K, Kochi


It was a great experience and enjoyed a lot, it think i have become little more younger! You should keep up the same hygienic environment like this and whole team is extremely good, especially treatment staffs and doctors. I am planning to come next year with my family too.

Mr Prabu Prakash, UK


All of the staff have been very helpful and kind. Treatment staffs were really amazing and took good care of me.

Mr Rajesh, Kochi


The treatment has given me a complete life style correction. All staffs were very supportive and gave a friendly atmosphere.

Mrs Rebello, Kochi


Treatments had helped me to overcome my lethargy and control my sugar levels. I would like to make a visit every year if possible.

Mrs Bindhu Gopan, Thrissur


It was a comfortable stay. We are happy to come back again.

Ms Vaishnavi, Kochi


I had a wonderful experience staying here, all surrounding was hygienic and well taken care off. I would strongly recommend Sanjeevanam to any guest.

Ms Eda Zahtila, Croatia


The stay was so great and I hope that I will feel it again. Everything was on a high level.

Mr M Prabhakaran, Kannur, Kerala


Everything was good. we will definitely stay again. Thanks.

Ms Sarita Ram, Australia


The doctors and support staff at Sanjeevanam Ayurveda are extremely skilled, professional and helpful.

Baby Salama, Dubai


Very joyful stay, very comfortable, clean & hygienic. we will come back in May 2020.

Ms Jumana Al Othman & Ms Athaf Alsabath, Kuwait


Quiet good and beneficial. Treatments are very effective. sure we will stay here again.

Ms Fiona Sanchel, Spain


It was a great experience in Sanjeevanam Ayurveda Hospital. Hope to meet again.

Ms Oliva Rodriguez, Spain


I am very grateful to the staff that has directly taken care of my case, as they have shown to have the best knowledge about ayurveda and love towards the discipline they profess.

Ms Amitha Babu, Kochi


Good atmosphere, excellent service and hospitality. Will refer more clients to the hospital.

Mr. Shani Jaiswal, Uttar Pradesh


Treatment was excellent. Keep up the good work. A top Destination to experience in Kerala.

Mr. Faizan Sayed, Chennai


Sanjeevanam treatments are very effective and lost my weight above 1.5kg in 3days. The hospitality was really nice. The treatments are done in a nice manner. I would like to stay with Sanjeevanam once again.

Mr. Syed Sajed, Chennai


Sanjeevanam was helpful for my weight loss. Friendly doctors and staffs.

Ms. Preeti Singh, Uttar Pradesh


Fantastic Hospital, Fantastic treatment room, Fantastic food services and fantastic whole staff. A special thanks to Dr. Hridiya. She is an outstanding Dr in my life, made me feel like a special personality for her…Love u so much Mam. Treatment rooms are very neat and clean. The whole staff were extremely polite and humble towards anyone. Thanks Sanjeenavam and Dr. Rajeev.

Mr. Krishna Javaji, Germany


Great Treatment. And wonderful ambience.

Ms Ola Bou Fakhreddine, Lebanon


I strongly recommend Sanjeevanam hospital for anyone who is looking to detox his brain and body. I was impressed of the doctors professionalism. The place, is a calm place very hygiene and treatments are done in a clean manner. I think I will repeat such experience once per year and I will advise all my friends and family member to breakdown daily routines of work stress and to find time to re-boost their brain and body for maintaining a healthy life. Good job Sanjeevanam. Keep on your quality services and treatments. Special thanks to Dr. Hridyia for her great support and her ability to make me become better in a short period.

Mrs Beevi T.K, Kochi


All treatments are effective. Very friendly team and you are blessed with their support. All departments were extremely helpful. A very pleasant atmosphere and sure we will stay here again.

Mr DVR Rajiv Mohan, Andhra Pradesh


Staffs and doctors were very professional. All atmosphere gives us a relaxation mood. It was very joyful to us. You guys are excellent in maintaining hygienic level. Very soon we will be coming here again! Please keep up the same good work, would recommend this place to anyone.

Mr Sanjeev Bisht, Andhra Pradesh


Calm and excellent place for Ayurveda treatment, I had a wonderful healthcare experience.

Mrs Elena Lezhneva, Russia


No other words to explain, everything was so perfect.

Mr Senthil Kumar, Erode


Doctors were very professional and helpful, they gave me treatments according to my medical condition. There was no fluctuation and Indeed I feel much better now! Sincerity shown by the staffs and doctors were amazing, they always met our needs. Rooms were very clean and hygiene. It had 24*7 Housekeeping facilities and Front desk staffs were really friendly. And yes, I am planning to visit again for my next trip.

Mr Alex George, Kochi


It was all perfect, I had a wonderful experience all over. In fact I would return any day for my next vacation.

Mr Ramachandran, Dubai


I have come to Sanjeevanam for the purpose of weight reduction and overall wellness. I am very happy to say that I have choose Sanjeevanam. I have lost 8kgs in 14 days and also improved my Diabetic condition.

KK Insurance and Investment

Best facility for the community who want to live happily and healthy forever.


Very good place for Ayurvedic treatment

Bharathi Anand

Lovely staffs, Wonderful ambience, Excellent location, Mouth watering Ayurveda food You will not feel like hospital, You will feel like well familiar place, Well experienced n well qualified Friendly Ayurveda doctors. Overall excellent Place for Ayurveda treatment.

Dr. Anand .N

A most pleasant surprise and enriching healing experience . Please keep up the unbelievable hospitality and service. God bless.

Mrs. Manjusha Ravindranath

It was a wonderful experience .Staff were very professional and experienced. Will definetly pass on my good remarks to all.

Ms. Coraline Rene

Panchakarma was a great discovery for me. Thanks to the whole team of doctors and the therapists. All the best. Thanks to Dr. Rajeev.


Wonderful experience . Great Treatment. Wonderful ambience . And the staff are simply outstanding. Keep on doing great.

Mrs. Ramya Sreeju

It was a great experence here. A big thanks to lovely doctors and staff. Deffenetly it is a fantastic place.

Mrs. Suganthy Sujay

Very warm and good service. Doctors are very friendly and excellent in their service. Oil massage is awsome!.

Mrs. V Bharathy Anand

This is my first time for massage. I don’t have words to express my satisfaction. World class Extra ordinary service. Thanks Sanjeevanam.

Mrs. Sofia Sarin

Such a beautiful experience. Worth the try. Awsome staff and service. Very relaxing and rejuvenating. Affordable price too.

Mr. J V Panicker

Excellent service. Very professional. Very clean and attention to details.Very courteous and very friendly staff. A real great place. So Happy

Mr. Irfan Malik

Amzing retreat for Ayurvedic rejuvenation. A top Destination to experience in Kerala. Amazing , Incredible calming experience. Great modern facilities with a delicate touch of tradition and cultural legacy of Ayurveda. Must Come Again. Thanks again for all hosting me.Best Wishes.

Mr. Latha Kuttan Pillai

It has been a very good experience. The people are very friendly. It is like a home away from home. The view and surroundings are beautiful . The doctors are the best. Special Thanks to Dr. Kaimal, Dr. Rahul, Dr. Aiswarya and Dr. Hridhya for ensuring that we are in the best hands. Thanks for making changes and ensuring that we are happy.Thanks for everything.

Mrs. Karthisree

The rooms were very comfortable with a fantastic view. The hospitality and the service was very good. The food at the Sanjeevanam Restaurant was very tasty and healthy.

Mr. Rajeev Koodly

My motherand I had a wonderful stay here. The facilities are excellent. The treatments are top class and the location is awesome. Above all, the people are wonderful.. My question is how will you keep this standard high . I sincerely wish you success and hope you will keep up the high standards you’ve established . Also a special thanks to all the staff and shout out to Biju Dev (for excellent yoga sessions) and Dr. Aiswarya (For making it so nice for my mother). Thank you!

Mr. Hari Namboothiri

Sanjeevanam is a “Sanjeevanam” for life. Really enjoyed the tour of Sanjeevanam, facility par excellence. All in one facility with a holistic approach. Well trained wellness team with a beautiful smile . I am sure, Sanjeevanam can bring happiness to your life.

Dr. Ameerjan Syed Musthaq

Happy with the treatment hoping to get well totally soon. Keep up good work . Wishing you all the very best. Thanks.

Ms Niky Ajoy

“Sanjeevanam” is a brilliant project with its daunting design of its rooms & interior, which gives a youthful zest to this peaceful space. This top kerala Ayurvedic hospital is well managed & have an excellent range of properly administered Ayurvedic treatments, well trained doctors & staff inherited with India’s ancient healing art. I would recommend everyone should experience this variant Ayurvedic therapies & yoga’s provided @ Sanjeevanam at least once in your lifetime. We had a beautiful experience. Thanks to the whole team.