Panchakarma Treatment
Panchakarma is a unique contribution of Ayurveda. Panchakarma (“Pancha” means five and “karma” means treatment) is done to detoxify the body according to Ayurveda. There are certain procedures mentioned in ancient Ayurveda that helps to prevent diseases like Kapharogas, skin diseases, rheumatic problems, headaches, paralysis, depression, stress, pain around the neck and shoulders, eye diseases etc. naturally.
There are 5 treatments in Panchakarma :

  1. Vaman (medicine induced emesis)
  2. Virechana (medicine induced purgation)
  3. Basti or Vasthi (medicated enema)
  4. Nasya (errhine or Nasal pouring)
  5. Raktamokshana (Blood Letting)

Panchakarma therapy is performed in 3 stages

  • Purvakarma (Pretreatment) – preparatory procedure that helps the body to remove the toxins that present in stomach & tissues and facilitates such toxins to move to the alimentary canal.
  • Pradhanakarma (Main Treatment) – This is main treatment, based on individual diagnostic report.
  • Paschatkarma (Post Treatment) – This involves dieting schedule and other DOs & DONT’s.

Monsoon Treatments
The monsoon affects each of the doshas in different ways. A lot of waste materials are accumulated during the summer and aggravated by the rain; this results in an excess of Vata which causes several diseases. Moreover, the rain falling into the hot summer earth increases acidity in all food materials and vegetables. This aggravates the Pitta dosha, causing fevers, acidity, digestive problems as well as inflammations. Lastly, the contaminated water and food with cold climate aggravates Kaphadosha in turn causing cold, cough and allergy and skin diseases.

KarkatakaChikitsa is an ayurvedic treatment that helps to expel toxic substances from the body and maintain the health of the body and mind.

The different treatments in the monsoons include:

  1. Snehapana
  2. Abhyangam
  3. Nasyam
  4. Pizhichil
  5. Dhara
  6. Virechanam
  7. Njavarakizhi
  8. Tharpanam
  9. Karnapooranam
  10. Medicated steam bath
  11. Vasthi
Navara theppu(sukalpa)
  • Full body massage
  • Steam
  • Massage with navara
  • Body polish with navara pack

Full body abhyangam is done with suitable oil followed by steam. A special type of rice called navara is cooked in milk and herbal decoction is packed in small cotton bundles. With this the whole body is massaged and then navara pack is applied all over the body with a duration of 2 hours. It improves circulation and muscle tone. Eliminates toxins from the body through the pores and makes the skin smoother, softer and rejuvenated.