Ayurveda is the essence of life. The Sanjeevanam Ayurvedic Therapy Centre offers authentic Kerala Ayurvedic therapy in its spacious and aesthetically designed centres.

At Sanjeevanam, We have teams of qualified Ayurvedic doctors, trained and experienced in ayurveda remedies. Well Trained and experience therapists, at each of our centers. As it is mentioned in Ayurvedas treatment guidelines, we make the patient aware of every step of the treatment. We diagnose the patient with the help of modern investigatory techniques, cross-checking it with Ayurveda / complimentary medical diagnostics to come to a more accurate diagnosis. With the selection and incorporation of appropriate therapies we treat the person physically, mentally and spiritually.

Our aim is to provide a better lifestyle to our patients. Through lifestyle management/modification we can help you to enhance the inherent ability of your body to heal and enjoy a better life.